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Welcome! This blog is dedicated to Celebration KIDS, the kids ministry of Celebration Church serving the Austin, TX metro area under Senior Pastors Joe and Lori Champion. Celebration KIDS is a safe, fun, Godly environment where babies through 5th graders learn about Jesus. We use relevant and age appropriate curriculum to engage the kids along with awesome worship and activities to inspire their hearts. Check out http://www.celebrationkids.com/ or http://www.celebrationchurchtx.com/ for more info!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Celebration Serves the City with School Supplies to Williams Elementary

Celebration Church "serves the city" by donating a pile of school supplies to Williams Elementary in Georgetown, TX. Williams Elementary has been in Georgetown since 1923, formerly Georgetown High School, and is located in the center of the city on HWY 29. The school has an amazing faculty, an exemplary rated school, has one of the highest percentages of bilingual classrooms in the area!

The staff was overly thankful at the generosity of Celebration Church. Many kids show up the first day of school without school supplies, so they were very happy to see the team from Celebration Church!

To find out how you can serve the city with Celebration church, contact Meagan at mbrantley@celebrationchurchtx.com or check out http://www.celebrationchurchtx.com/!

Celebration Serves the City with School Supplies to Annie Purl Elementary

Celebration Church served the city this week by donating a pile of school supplies to Annie Purl Elementary School in Georgetown, TX on Wednesday, August 18th. Annie Purl is located in the heart of Georgetown.
The faces of the faculty at this elementary school said it all, it would make your heart melt! They were so thankful and were amazed at the generosity of Celebration Church.
If you want to find out how you can serve the city, check out www.celebrationchurchtx.com or contact Meagan Brantley at mbrantley@celebrationchurchtx.com.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bags of Celebration School Supplies delivery at Bagdad Elementary

Here are some awesome pictures of the staff of Bagdad elementary.
On Tuesday, August 17th, Matt Delarosby, cedar Park Campus Director, went to Bagdad Elementary in Leander and delivered some bags, he said, "Polly-the counselor at Bagdad Elementary said about 100 thank you's along with other staff and teachers. They said they were truly grateful from the bottom of their hearts for what the people of Celebration Church gave."
This is the second year in a row that the people of Celebration Church gave school supplies to Bagdad Elementary.
If you have questions about Bag of Celebration School supply outreach, contact Pastor Shawn at sbouldin@celebrationchurchtx.com (twitter @shawnbouldin), or call 512-763-3000.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Celebration KIDS candy machine supports kids in Africa

Celebration KIDS Elementary was recently blessed with a candy machine from an awesome volunteer. We put it in our KIDS store and have elementary kids monitor it.

For 25 cents, the machine spits out a kid-sized handful of candy, but even better, every cent goes to support kids in Xai Xai, Mozambique, Africa.

We are averaging about 20 dollars per week profit, which will go a long way in supporting our Xai Xai kids! If you have another creative way to raise money for kids in Xai Xai, email Pastor Shawn Bouldin, at sbouldin@celebrationchurchtx.com (twitter @shawnbouldin).

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Get kids excited about serving the globe!

Our Elementary kids ministry at Celebration Church in Austin, TX adopted 10 kids in Xai Xai, Mozambique, Africa, last year and devotes an offering every month to support them. We posted their pictures and biographies near the entrance to our kids spaces so that parents and kids could get familiar with who they are supporting every month.
One week, a 2nd grader even brought his piggy bank with a ton of coins in it and gave it to the Xai Xai kids! We have had some great teaching moments about giving to others and posting the pictures in the kid's rooms puts the Xai Xai kids in the forefront of our own kids' minds. Through the sponsor program, we get letters from the Xai Xai kids and then we read them to our elementary kids during tithe and offering time. Reading the Xai Xai kids stories to our kids really puts everything in perspective. We see how people in other countries are less fortunate and don't have basic needs like running water or even an extra pair of underwear. It reminds us how blessed we are in America and how even giving to others, no matter how insignificant it may be to us, really matters.
Our church is currently building a campus in Xai Xai, and this weekend is the launch. I encourage you to think of creative ways to get your kids excited about serving locally and globally.....it really does matter!
For more information about Celebration Kids, contact Pastor Shawn Bouldin at sbouldin@celebrationchurchtx.com twitter @shawnbouldin or check out http://www.celebrationchurchtx.com/

Kids Church decor idea: cover soundproof boards

Sound proofing your space is essential if you have a live band, bare floor or share a wall with another venue. Usually the sound proofing material is not "fun" looking.
We covered our fuzzy gray foam boards with some inexpensive fabric from Wal Mart. It doesn't affect the sound proofing ability and it really adds some zest to the space.
The project can be time consuming if you have a bunch of boards, and if they are positioned on a high wall, but well worth the "fun factor" investment.
Cost: $8-$12 for inexpensive fabric but varies depending on the size of board.
for more decor ideas for your kids space contact Pastor Shawn Bouldin sbouldin@celebrationchurchtx.com or go to www.celebrationkids.com. twitter @shawnbouldin

Kids Church Decor Idea: Chalkboards

Chalk boards are a super easy way to advertise information and give your kids space a fun look.

We bought these basic chalkboards a little over a year ago on clearance at a local hobby shop. The frames were white, so we painted them with some metallic paint to give them a fresh look.

Recently we purchased chalk paint pens to use on the boards. It really cleaned up the look and gave the boards some pop! The chalk paint pens are more expensive then regular chalk, but well worth the investment.

Costs: chalkboard: $5, paint supplies $10, chalk paint pens $6, or chalk $2, art: free, be creative as you want!

I hope this blesses your kids area, for more information contact Pastor Shawn Bouldin sbouldin@celebrationchurchtx.com
twitter: @shawnbouldin

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Celebration KIDS Camp 2010 Day 3 rewind

This was day 3 of Camp 2010: 60 foot slip n slide, a mud slip n slide and mud dodge ball, wild day of activities. The worship was amazing, and the kids were challenged by Pastor Shawn to "Be a Light" everywhere they go. The final altar call of the camp had nearly 200 kids holding multi-colored glow sticks in the darkened sanctuary. It turned into an all out praise party with shouting, dancing and singing as the KIDS band led the children in victory. The 5th graders finished the night with a hayride, campfire and s'mores. It was truly a memorable Camp!

To check out the Day 3 Camp rewind video, click here.

Celebration KIDS Camp 2010 Day 2 rewind video

Day 2 was awesome. Horseback riding, swimming archery, blob, 60 foot slip n slide, major mud activities, crafts, slime, marshmallows, kayaking, awesome worship and a great message from Pastor Greg Allen.

To watch the Camp day 2 video click here.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Celebration KIDS Camp 2010 Day 1 Video

Here is the Celebration Kids Camp 2010 Day 1 rewind video. What an awesome start to an amazing week! Kids arrived and participated in team building activities. That night gave their all in an amazing worship night. Pastor Shawn delivered an awesome word and over 50 kids made the choice to follow Jesus.

To check out the Day 1 Camp video click here