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Welcome! This blog is dedicated to Celebration KIDS, the kids ministry of Celebration Church serving the Austin, TX metro area under Senior Pastors Joe and Lori Champion. Celebration KIDS is a safe, fun, Godly environment where babies through 5th graders learn about Jesus. We use relevant and age appropriate curriculum to engage the kids along with awesome worship and activities to inspire their hearts. Check out http://www.celebrationkids.com/ or http://www.celebrationchurchtx.com/ for more info!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

KIDS Christmas Party!

Wednesday, December 15th • Georgetown 6pm

The whole family is invited to come early for hot cocoa, cookies & live Christmas music. At 7pm when the parents go to service, the KIDS will have their own party. Don't miss it!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Just a reminder, no Wednesday night service on Wednesday, November 24th! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. We are so thankful for you!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Family Movie Night - THIS FRIDAY

Family Movie Night!
Friday, November 19th at 6:30 pm • Georgetown

FREE Admission · FREE Movie · FREE Popcorn · FREE Giveaways!

Catch a flick with your family, and don't miss this free night at "Celebration Theatre" complete with popcorn and give-aways! All families with children (birth-5th grade) are invited!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Upward Sports

Sign up today for Upward Sports.
Early registration ends November 7th! Register online at www.celebrationchurchtx.com/upward-sports

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Gattiland Lock-in

The Gattiland Lock-in on October 10th was a blast! We had 193 kids in attendance and there was plenty of pizza, games and fun for all. Here are a few photos from the event.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Celebration Serves the City with School Supplies to Williams Elementary

Celebration Church "serves the city" by donating a pile of school supplies to Williams Elementary in Georgetown, TX. Williams Elementary has been in Georgetown since 1923, formerly Georgetown High School, and is located in the center of the city on HWY 29. The school has an amazing faculty, an exemplary rated school, has one of the highest percentages of bilingual classrooms in the area!

The staff was overly thankful at the generosity of Celebration Church. Many kids show up the first day of school without school supplies, so they were very happy to see the team from Celebration Church!

To find out how you can serve the city with Celebration church, contact Meagan at mbrantley@celebrationchurchtx.com or check out http://www.celebrationchurchtx.com/!

Celebration Serves the City with School Supplies to Annie Purl Elementary

Celebration Church served the city this week by donating a pile of school supplies to Annie Purl Elementary School in Georgetown, TX on Wednesday, August 18th. Annie Purl is located in the heart of Georgetown.
The faces of the faculty at this elementary school said it all, it would make your heart melt! They were so thankful and were amazed at the generosity of Celebration Church.
If you want to find out how you can serve the city, check out www.celebrationchurchtx.com or contact Meagan Brantley at mbrantley@celebrationchurchtx.com.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bags of Celebration School Supplies delivery at Bagdad Elementary

Here are some awesome pictures of the staff of Bagdad elementary.
On Tuesday, August 17th, Matt Delarosby, cedar Park Campus Director, went to Bagdad Elementary in Leander and delivered some bags, he said, "Polly-the counselor at Bagdad Elementary said about 100 thank you's along with other staff and teachers. They said they were truly grateful from the bottom of their hearts for what the people of Celebration Church gave."
This is the second year in a row that the people of Celebration Church gave school supplies to Bagdad Elementary.
If you have questions about Bag of Celebration School supply outreach, contact Pastor Shawn at sbouldin@celebrationchurchtx.com (twitter @shawnbouldin), or call 512-763-3000.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Celebration KIDS candy machine supports kids in Africa

Celebration KIDS Elementary was recently blessed with a candy machine from an awesome volunteer. We put it in our KIDS store and have elementary kids monitor it.

For 25 cents, the machine spits out a kid-sized handful of candy, but even better, every cent goes to support kids in Xai Xai, Mozambique, Africa.

We are averaging about 20 dollars per week profit, which will go a long way in supporting our Xai Xai kids! If you have another creative way to raise money for kids in Xai Xai, email Pastor Shawn Bouldin, at sbouldin@celebrationchurchtx.com (twitter @shawnbouldin).

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Get kids excited about serving the globe!

Our Elementary kids ministry at Celebration Church in Austin, TX adopted 10 kids in Xai Xai, Mozambique, Africa, last year and devotes an offering every month to support them. We posted their pictures and biographies near the entrance to our kids spaces so that parents and kids could get familiar with who they are supporting every month.
One week, a 2nd grader even brought his piggy bank with a ton of coins in it and gave it to the Xai Xai kids! We have had some great teaching moments about giving to others and posting the pictures in the kid's rooms puts the Xai Xai kids in the forefront of our own kids' minds. Through the sponsor program, we get letters from the Xai Xai kids and then we read them to our elementary kids during tithe and offering time. Reading the Xai Xai kids stories to our kids really puts everything in perspective. We see how people in other countries are less fortunate and don't have basic needs like running water or even an extra pair of underwear. It reminds us how blessed we are in America and how even giving to others, no matter how insignificant it may be to us, really matters.
Our church is currently building a campus in Xai Xai, and this weekend is the launch. I encourage you to think of creative ways to get your kids excited about serving locally and globally.....it really does matter!
For more information about Celebration Kids, contact Pastor Shawn Bouldin at sbouldin@celebrationchurchtx.com twitter @shawnbouldin or check out http://www.celebrationchurchtx.com/

Kids Church decor idea: cover soundproof boards

Sound proofing your space is essential if you have a live band, bare floor or share a wall with another venue. Usually the sound proofing material is not "fun" looking.
We covered our fuzzy gray foam boards with some inexpensive fabric from Wal Mart. It doesn't affect the sound proofing ability and it really adds some zest to the space.
The project can be time consuming if you have a bunch of boards, and if they are positioned on a high wall, but well worth the "fun factor" investment.
Cost: $8-$12 for inexpensive fabric but varies depending on the size of board.
for more decor ideas for your kids space contact Pastor Shawn Bouldin sbouldin@celebrationchurchtx.com or go to www.celebrationkids.com. twitter @shawnbouldin

Kids Church Decor Idea: Chalkboards

Chalk boards are a super easy way to advertise information and give your kids space a fun look.

We bought these basic chalkboards a little over a year ago on clearance at a local hobby shop. The frames were white, so we painted them with some metallic paint to give them a fresh look.

Recently we purchased chalk paint pens to use on the boards. It really cleaned up the look and gave the boards some pop! The chalk paint pens are more expensive then regular chalk, but well worth the investment.

Costs: chalkboard: $5, paint supplies $10, chalk paint pens $6, or chalk $2, art: free, be creative as you want!

I hope this blesses your kids area, for more information contact Pastor Shawn Bouldin sbouldin@celebrationchurchtx.com
twitter: @shawnbouldin

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Celebration KIDS Camp 2010 Day 3 rewind

This was day 3 of Camp 2010: 60 foot slip n slide, a mud slip n slide and mud dodge ball, wild day of activities. The worship was amazing, and the kids were challenged by Pastor Shawn to "Be a Light" everywhere they go. The final altar call of the camp had nearly 200 kids holding multi-colored glow sticks in the darkened sanctuary. It turned into an all out praise party with shouting, dancing and singing as the KIDS band led the children in victory. The 5th graders finished the night with a hayride, campfire and s'mores. It was truly a memorable Camp!

To check out the Day 3 Camp rewind video, click here.

Celebration KIDS Camp 2010 Day 2 rewind video

Day 2 was awesome. Horseback riding, swimming archery, blob, 60 foot slip n slide, major mud activities, crafts, slime, marshmallows, kayaking, awesome worship and a great message from Pastor Greg Allen.

To watch the Camp day 2 video click here.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Celebration KIDS Camp 2010 Day 1 Video

Here is the Celebration Kids Camp 2010 Day 1 rewind video. What an awesome start to an amazing week! Kids arrived and participated in team building activities. That night gave their all in an amazing worship night. Pastor Shawn delivered an awesome word and over 50 kids made the choice to follow Jesus.

To check out the Day 1 Camp video click here

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

KIDS Church Decor Idea: Lego Wall

Recently we upgraded one of our walls in Elementary KIDS church at Celebration Church Main Campus in Georgetown, TX. The wall is about 11 feet wide and 5 feet tall, and houses our tech booth.

The wall is painted and has a bunch of foam polka dot pads mounted to it for decoration. These polka dots are mounted with a single screw, washer and drywall anchor. Kids can spin them as they are walking by or standing there as a pre/post service activity.

To utilize even more of the blank space between the dots, we have mounted Lego bases to the wall on top of square placemats from IKEA. The Lego bases are attached with several screws and drywall anchors.
The KIDS love this new wall and provides a great activity for them.
Materials used: Drywall screws and anchors $5, placements from IKEA $1 each, Lego base $5 each. (Add foam IKEA Polka dots $2 each for added fun). If you have any questions about this or anything else at Celebration Church, contact Pastor Shawn Bouldin at sbouldin@celebrationchurchtx.com or @shawnbouldin on Twitter! Hope this helps your ministry or kid space! God bless.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Kids Church Decor Idea: Giant Collages

Kids love to see themselves and make silly faces on camera. To make easy collages, take a bunch of closeup pictures of your kids at church pre/post service and print them out 8.5 x 11 size on a color printer. Affix them to a foam board, poster board or other board and display them on a wall! The more pictures, collages you display, the cooler your space will look.

Add lighting, wiring, a slinky, or other colorful objects around the collages for an even greater fun factor!
Kids love fun! Creating a fun environment for them will not only enhance their experience but will affirm to them that they are valuable.
Giant Collages
Materials used for this project: Camera, computer, glue, paper, color copier, tape, poster board, extension cord lights (IKEA $3), foam board (Home Depot $10), scrap booking paper (Michael's or Hobby Lobby $10 for a book of 50 sheets), screws to hang on wall.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

SuperDads and Super KIDS! Father's Day 2010

Dads and Kids of all ages had some fun on Father's Day with this cardboard cutout of "the Man of Steel" at Celebration Church at both campuses in Georgetown and Cedar Park, TX. It sparked some great conversations with kids and parents throughout the day.

Baptism on June 27th, 2010

10 celebration kids got baptized, aka bath-tized (kids speak for taking the plunge for Christ) on June 27th. It was so great to see so many families attend the baptism class, and then witness their child's decision to "go public with their faith" at Celebration Church in Georgetown, TX.

Some of the kids were nervous beforehand, but with a little teaching and prayer all 10 of them were ready to go by the time their name was called to enter the tank. After the baptism service, the kids were smiling, laughing, and celebrating with their families. Many were asked if they "felt different now that they have been baptized". 100% of their responses were "yes!". it is so great to see a generation of new believers giving their lives to Christ.

The next baptism service at Celebration Church is August 29th at 5PM, with Faith Celebration class preceding it at 4PM int he KIDS Auditorium.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wet n wild Day 2010

We took 85 elementary Kids to Burnet, TX for a fun day in the sun. This all day event was full of games, snow cones, candy, food, a giant water slide, a giant pool and more. The kids enjoyed fellowship, songs, and games during the 1 hour bus ride to the event. it was so great seeing them build relationships with each other and hang out with their church friends. The relationships they are building now are going to have lasting fruit for the rest of their lives.

It was HOT outside, but there was plenty of sunscreen, lemonade, water activities and shade availaible to set the stage for a lasting memory! Not to mention the enormous pool and tons of toys. Some of the adults leaders said it was one of the most fun times in recent memory.

Our Celebration KIDS events are amazing! It is because our kids are worth it and we serve the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Jesus Christ!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Celebration Kids End of School Party June 2010

End Of School Party 2010 at Celebration Kids in Georgetown, TX was a blast. Live worship, World's Largest Ninja Game, 25 First time salvations, 75 Round rock Express Tix given away, a huge slip n slide given away, tons of ice cream and candy eaten....what a blast. Our celebration kids really know how to have fun. 211 kids were in attendance on a rainy night. It started thunder-storming 10 minutes before service started, so we moved the party indoors. The AC felt great and we ended up making one of the biggest messes inside the KIDS auditorium to date. Our parties get wilder and wilder, and the kids have so much fun. They never get out of control, or unsafe, they just simply.....PARTY!

World's Largest NinJa Game at Celebration Kids

We see elementary kids play Ninja all of the time in our pre/post service friendship time. So we thought we would kick off our end of school party with 175 kids and 15 adults playing Ninja. To play ninja, one person gets and offensive move and the other person gets one defensive move. Each person must stay frozen until the other one moves..., the kids love it and they have fun playing. It got us thinking, what it the world record for people playing ninja under one roof? Couldn't find the answer online, so we decided to "claim" the world's record! hahaha! that is until someone attempts to break it! How long will the record stand? We will see! Tell us what you think on twitter @celebrationkids, or post on this blog!

Wet n wild Day

It is time for this year's Elementary Wet n Wild Day.
Last year was, well, as you can see, TONS of FUN. Every event we do at Celebration KIDS is wild, fun, sometimes messy, but that is what kids love! After all, their currency is FUN!!

Here are the details:
Monday, June 21st (9:00am - 4:00pm) Burnet, TX
Students will be transported by School Bus from Celebration church in GT.
Students entering 2nd to 5th Grade Fall 2010.
Cost $20.
Children need to bring a sack lunch.
Huge Pool with Giant Water Slide, Games, Slip N Slide, Movies, & 1 Free Hawaiian Ice Snow Cone from KONA ICE. kids can bring more $$ if they want more Snow Cones.
Register online or at the Welcome Center
DOWNLOAD LIABILITY FORM at http://www.celebrationkids.com/ *click on upcoming events button*
Registration = Payment + Completed Liability Form
turn in at Welcome Center or Fax *attn: Whitney
questions? email: wpiedfort@celebrationchurchtx.com

Monday, May 24, 2010

Epic ART Contest winner "Most Original"

The "Most Original" winner in the epic Art contest was Emma Price. She created a mosaic displaying Jonah inside the mouth of a whale. She used different colors of rice and glued them to an original art scene. The art piece looks fantastic and it makes me hungry! Very original using food as a medium! Great job Emma!

Epic ART Contest winner "Most Epic"

The Epic ART Contest showcased this piece by Alexandria Farrar, who is a very talented student at Celebration KIDS. Her Dad and Mom are talented as well, and I am sure they are very proud of Alexandria and her artistic ability. Alexandria routinely draws, paints, and shares her art with her church friends pre and post service. Like all great artists, she has a style that is uniquely Alexandria!

Epic ART Contest "Most Creative" winner

McKenna Jansen won "Most Creative" in the Epic ART contest at Celebration KIDS Elementary. She used multi-layers of construction paper and foam to illustrate Moses parting the Red Sea. She also set the standard by being the first entry in the contest!

EPIC ART Contest "Best overall" winner

The Epic Art Contest ended on Wed May 19th, with over 50 participants! There were some awesome entries by some very talented Celebration KIDS Elementary students. The winners were announced at the Epic party and won some pretty cool prizes!

The winner for "Best Overall" was Anna Grace Travis! She made a huge collage of 17 different scenes from the book of Jonah. Her family also produced a great video about Jonah and the great fish by using her artwork!

Epic Party

As the Epic series came to a close, it certainly ended with a bang! The Epic party was a huge success with over 260 people in attendance. Celebration Church was crawling with elementary students. They were dancing, signing, playing games, bouncing on a huge inflatable, and eating tons of party food. The hit of the party was Mr. Alex's hamburber cupcakes. He served hamburgers and colored mashed potatoes out of metal cupcake cups. They tasted great and looked like real cupcakes!
*Thank you to all of the KIDS team members who planned and hosted this amazing event!* You rock!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Change Your World

Submitted by KIDS Elementary Volunteer:

This morning as I was driving the kids to school, my oldest was on my iphone, looking on the CNN webpage for possible news stories for his current events report, which he knew would be homework. He came across the recent oil spill in the Gulf, and was horrified to read a news report about a Mississippi man whose home had been leveled by Katrina 5 years ago. “If the situation progresses like they think it will, he’ll be able to see the spill from his front porch,” my son said. “Wow. Not to mention what it’s doing to the fishing industry that hasn’t even recovered from Katrina—we really need to pray for these people.” It touched my heart to hear my oldest son express such concern—I hope he always has such compassion for others and a heart that turns to God for help and refuge.

The exchange with my son made me think about the huge Jonah lesson we taught this past weekend in Elementary—goldfish crackers flying through the room out of a leaf blower, Pastor Shawn putting live fish in his mouth and spitting them out, trying to rescue “Jonah” from the nasty guts of the whale…awesome fun if you’re a kid! But there was something Pastor Shawn said when he was discussing the offering for Xai Xai that really stuck with me. He wanted the kids to tell him what they could DO for the children over in Xai Xai. “PRAY!!” several kids shouted. “Yes, of course PRAY. But what else?” Pastor Shawn challenged them. “Pray some more?” the kids said. I was sitting in with the older boys and whispered, “Raise money--have a car wash!!” Their hands shot up. Suddenly a girl at the front of the room said, “We could raise money & have a CAR WASH!!!” But it got the boys thinking, and before long they were shouting out, “MOW THE LAWN!” “SAVE SOME OF MY ALLOWANCE TO GIVE!” and the girls added things like, “HAVE A BAKE SALE!” The kids went from feeling like little kids who “could ONLY pray” to feeling like proactive young people who could come up with creative solutions to help others. They realized they are world changers!

On the Family Devotions that go home every Sunday, there is a section entitled, “Change the World.” Please don’t breeze through this—you have a few short years to instill in your child that they have the means within them (with God’s help, of course!) to change that which is around them. Find ways together this week to Change the World! Then tell us about it!

I’m thinking my son and I should have a brainstorming session this afternoon on a course of action to take in addition to praying for the people in the news story…

Elementary Graduations!

Attention Parents!

Beginning June 6th all school aged children will begin attending their FALL 2010 classrooms.

Children who (in Fall 2010) will enter:
Kindergarten and 1st grade will go to K1 Venue
2nd-5th grade will go to the KIDS Auditorium
6th grade will go to the XL Extension on Sundays and Heores Auditorium on Wednesday nights

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

EPIC Jonah!

Check out this video from Kids Elementary.....We would be surprised if your kids didn't mention this after Sunday's service!


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

EPIC Art Contest


We are having an art drawing contest from April 21st - May19th. Kids in K-5th grade can bring their depiction of any of the bible stories from the EPIC series to the KIDS Auditorium. Your drawings will be posted in the KIDS Auditorium during the contest.

Artwork size must be 8.5' x 11' to qualify. Use any media you wish for the drawing. Winners will be announced at the EPIC PARTY and the winning artwork will be displayed at www.celebrationkids.com

Winning categories are: "Best Overall", "Most Original", "Most EPIC", "Most Creative".

Details can be found at www.celebrationchurchtx.com/elementary

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Thank you Celebration Kids Teams

This is our first post to the Celebration KIDS Ministry blog and it has been a long time in the making. I have had a vision for this blog the past several years and it's fitting that our first post is right after Epic Love or Easter.

First, a HUGE thanks and shout-out to all the KIDS Ministry volunteers and staff at Celebration Church. We had 1,859 kids come through the KIDS Ministry alone! This is the EPIC love that God has for His kids. We are amazed that we get the chance to be a part of all these kids lives.

Check out the video and add this website to your favorites! We plan to add new posts a couple of times a week.

-Pastor Greg Allen