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Monday, May 24, 2010

Epic ART Contest winner "Most Original"

The "Most Original" winner in the epic Art contest was Emma Price. She created a mosaic displaying Jonah inside the mouth of a whale. She used different colors of rice and glued them to an original art scene. The art piece looks fantastic and it makes me hungry! Very original using food as a medium! Great job Emma!

Epic ART Contest winner "Most Epic"

The Epic ART Contest showcased this piece by Alexandria Farrar, who is a very talented student at Celebration KIDS. Her Dad and Mom are talented as well, and I am sure they are very proud of Alexandria and her artistic ability. Alexandria routinely draws, paints, and shares her art with her church friends pre and post service. Like all great artists, she has a style that is uniquely Alexandria!

Epic ART Contest "Most Creative" winner

McKenna Jansen won "Most Creative" in the Epic ART contest at Celebration KIDS Elementary. She used multi-layers of construction paper and foam to illustrate Moses parting the Red Sea. She also set the standard by being the first entry in the contest!

EPIC ART Contest "Best overall" winner

The Epic Art Contest ended on Wed May 19th, with over 50 participants! There were some awesome entries by some very talented Celebration KIDS Elementary students. The winners were announced at the Epic party and won some pretty cool prizes!

The winner for "Best Overall" was Anna Grace Travis! She made a huge collage of 17 different scenes from the book of Jonah. Her family also produced a great video about Jonah and the great fish by using her artwork!

Epic Party

As the Epic series came to a close, it certainly ended with a bang! The Epic party was a huge success with over 260 people in attendance. Celebration Church was crawling with elementary students. They were dancing, signing, playing games, bouncing on a huge inflatable, and eating tons of party food. The hit of the party was Mr. Alex's hamburber cupcakes. He served hamburgers and colored mashed potatoes out of metal cupcake cups. They tasted great and looked like real cupcakes!
*Thank you to all of the KIDS team members who planned and hosted this amazing event!* You rock!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Change Your World

Submitted by KIDS Elementary Volunteer:

This morning as I was driving the kids to school, my oldest was on my iphone, looking on the CNN webpage for possible news stories for his current events report, which he knew would be homework. He came across the recent oil spill in the Gulf, and was horrified to read a news report about a Mississippi man whose home had been leveled by Katrina 5 years ago. “If the situation progresses like they think it will, he’ll be able to see the spill from his front porch,” my son said. “Wow. Not to mention what it’s doing to the fishing industry that hasn’t even recovered from Katrina—we really need to pray for these people.” It touched my heart to hear my oldest son express such concern—I hope he always has such compassion for others and a heart that turns to God for help and refuge.

The exchange with my son made me think about the huge Jonah lesson we taught this past weekend in Elementary—goldfish crackers flying through the room out of a leaf blower, Pastor Shawn putting live fish in his mouth and spitting them out, trying to rescue “Jonah” from the nasty guts of the whale…awesome fun if you’re a kid! But there was something Pastor Shawn said when he was discussing the offering for Xai Xai that really stuck with me. He wanted the kids to tell him what they could DO for the children over in Xai Xai. “PRAY!!” several kids shouted. “Yes, of course PRAY. But what else?” Pastor Shawn challenged them. “Pray some more?” the kids said. I was sitting in with the older boys and whispered, “Raise money--have a car wash!!” Their hands shot up. Suddenly a girl at the front of the room said, “We could raise money & have a CAR WASH!!!” But it got the boys thinking, and before long they were shouting out, “MOW THE LAWN!” “SAVE SOME OF MY ALLOWANCE TO GIVE!” and the girls added things like, “HAVE A BAKE SALE!” The kids went from feeling like little kids who “could ONLY pray” to feeling like proactive young people who could come up with creative solutions to help others. They realized they are world changers!

On the Family Devotions that go home every Sunday, there is a section entitled, “Change the World.” Please don’t breeze through this—you have a few short years to instill in your child that they have the means within them (with God’s help, of course!) to change that which is around them. Find ways together this week to Change the World! Then tell us about it!

I’m thinking my son and I should have a brainstorming session this afternoon on a course of action to take in addition to praying for the people in the news story…

Elementary Graduations!

Attention Parents!

Beginning June 6th all school aged children will begin attending their FALL 2010 classrooms.

Children who (in Fall 2010) will enter:
Kindergarten and 1st grade will go to K1 Venue
2nd-5th grade will go to the KIDS Auditorium
6th grade will go to the XL Extension on Sundays and Heores Auditorium on Wednesday nights

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

EPIC Jonah!

Check out this video from Kids Elementary.....We would be surprised if your kids didn't mention this after Sunday's service!