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Welcome! This blog is dedicated to Celebration KIDS, the kids ministry of Celebration Church serving the Austin, TX metro area under Senior Pastors Joe and Lori Champion. Celebration KIDS is a safe, fun, Godly environment where babies through 5th graders learn about Jesus. We use relevant and age appropriate curriculum to engage the kids along with awesome worship and activities to inspire their hearts. Check out http://www.celebrationkids.com/ or http://www.celebrationchurchtx.com/ for more info!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

KIDS Church Decor Idea: Lego Wall

Recently we upgraded one of our walls in Elementary KIDS church at Celebration Church Main Campus in Georgetown, TX. The wall is about 11 feet wide and 5 feet tall, and houses our tech booth.

The wall is painted and has a bunch of foam polka dot pads mounted to it for decoration. These polka dots are mounted with a single screw, washer and drywall anchor. Kids can spin them as they are walking by or standing there as a pre/post service activity.

To utilize even more of the blank space between the dots, we have mounted Lego bases to the wall on top of square placemats from IKEA. The Lego bases are attached with several screws and drywall anchors.
The KIDS love this new wall and provides a great activity for them.
Materials used: Drywall screws and anchors $5, placements from IKEA $1 each, Lego base $5 each. (Add foam IKEA Polka dots $2 each for added fun). If you have any questions about this or anything else at Celebration Church, contact Pastor Shawn Bouldin at sbouldin@celebrationchurchtx.com or @shawnbouldin on Twitter! Hope this helps your ministry or kid space! God bless.